IMG Training Sites


UBC Family Medicine is a fully accredited program with 19 different training sites distributed in 16 communities across BC.  Nine of these sites have designated IMG positions.  Each site has strong support from dedicated faculty with responsibilities in the areas of curriculum, assessment, faculty development, scholarship and behavioral medicine. Lead Program Faculty provide vital cross connections between sites, creating a strong system of educational support to Site Directors, Site Faculty, and residents.

UBC IMG Program is distributed in the following communities:

  1. Abbotsford-Mission- training based in Abbotsford and Mission (1 position)
  2. Chilliwack- training located in Chilliwack (1 positon)
  3. Coastal Site – training based in North Vancouver, but distributed in Coastal communities (4 positions)
  4. IMG – St. Paul’s Site – training primarily located in Vancouver (12 positions)
  5. Kamloops Site – training located in Kamloops (2 positions)
  6. Kootenay Boundary Site – rural training in communities located in West Kootenay Boundary Region of South Eastern B.C (2 positions)
  7. Kelowna Regional- training based in Kelowna (1 position)
  8. Kelowna Rural Site – first year based in Kelowna and second year in smaller rural communities (3 positions)
  9. Prince George Site – training located in Prince George (4 positions)
  10. Surrey/South Fraser Site – training based in Langley and Surrey (8 positions)
  11. Vancouver Fraser Site – training distributed in Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley (4 positions)
  12. Vancouver Island – Strathcona Site – training located in small communities (Comox/Courtenay/Campbell River) on Vancouver Island – (2 positions)
  13. Victoria Site – training primarily located in Victoria (6 positions)

The sites are part of the overall family medicine program at UBC and as such, follow common policy, curriculum and overall governance as do all the family medicine training sites.

It is recognized that the IMG resident may have a very different background, undergraduate experience and post graduate training and our residency sites have been devised to recognize those characteristics. Faculty have been chosen for their previous exposure to and interest in training IMGs. In the early months of the residency, particular attention will be paid to the individual needs of each resident and some of the academic sessions are devoted to ensuring that the residents become familiar with the Canadian medical system.

We recognize the maturity of our residents and the rich diversity of experience which they bring to Canada. We encourage IMG residents to speak about and share their medical experience from their country of origin so that Canadian trained residents can learn from and about differing medical systems in the world. We believe that such diversity enriches the training for all our residents.

A Return-of-Service (RoS) condition is attached to these positions.

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Number of Residents: 1
Location: Abbotsford, BC
Community: 150,000
Hospital: Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre

Curriculum Type: Partial Integrated
R2 Elective Time: 
12-16 Weeks
Phone: 604-851-4700 x 642326
Contact: Director – Holden Chow / Coordinator – Ann Douglas
Chief residents: John Stimson – / Michelle Hanbidge –

Please see the Abbotsford-Mission tab for more program information


Number of Residents: 1
Location: Chilliwack, BC
Community: 92,000
Hospital: Chilliwack General Hospital

Curriculum Type: Partial Integrated
R2 Elective Time: 
10 – 12 Weeks
Phone: 604-702-4757
Contacts: Director – Ken Harder – / Coordinator – Esther Wong –
Chief Residents: Jessica Bryce – / Veronica Gant – 

Please see the Chilliwack tab for more information


Number of residents: 4
Location: North Shore, Vancouver, various Coastal communities
Community: 250,000
Hospitals: Lion’s Gate Hospital, Pemberton Health Centre, Whistler Health Centre, Squamish General Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital, Powell River General Hospital
Contacts: Site Director – Dean Brown – / Coordinator – Jana Ogdenova –
Chief Residents: Sarah Pankratz – /Rajkumar Vijendra Das – 
Please see Coastal tab for more program information

IMG – St. Paul’s

Number of residents: 12
Location: Downtown Vancouver
Community: 600,000
Hospitals: St. Paul’s Hospital, BC Women’s Hospital, Surrey Memorial Hospital
Contacts:Co-Site Directors – Betty Calam –; Michael Mann – /  Coordinator – Eva Chan –
Chief Residents: Nusrat Khandker – & Mohamad Saleh –

Please see IMG – St. Paul’s tab for more program information


Number of Residents: 2
Location: Kamloops
Community: 91,000
Hospital: Royal Inland Hospital
Contacts: Site Director – Dr. Selena Lawrie – / Site Coordinator – Laurel Thompson –
Chief Resident: Shaun Davis & Ramneek Dhanoa –
Please see Kamloops tab for more program information

Kelowna Regional

Number of residents: 1
Location: Kelowna, BC
Community: 127,000
Hospital: Kelowna General

Contacts: Co-Site Directors: Dr. Jade Dittaro– & Dr. Gregory Handrigan– / Coordinator – Janice Demers –
Chief Resident: Lauren Galbraith – / Sydney White – 
Please see Kelowna Regional tab for more program information

Kelowna Rural

Number of residents: 3
Location: Kelowna, BC
Community: 127,000
Hospital: Kelowna General
Contacts: Director – Dr. Maureen Sharko – / Coordinator – Janice Demers –
Chief Resident: Mike de Paoli – & Lia Johnson –
Please see Kelowna Rural  tab for more program information

Prince George

Number of residents: 4
Location: Prince George
Community: 80,000
Hospital: University Hospital of Northern British Columbia
Contacts: Director – James Card – / Coordinator- Roughieh Soufinia 
Chief Residents: Megan Enos / Manpreet Sidhu –
IMG Liasion Faculty: Dr. Irina Israt- 
Please see Prince George tab for more program information

Surrey – South Fraser

Number of residents: 8
Location: Surrey, Langley
Community: 460,000
Hospitals: Surrey Memorial Hospital, Langley Memorial Hospital
Contacts: Site Director – Darryl Samoil – / Coordinators – Kathleen McIntosh – & Bridget Begin –
Chief Residents: Sam Vijayan – & Indy Sahota –
Please see Surrey – South Fraser tab for more program information

Vancouver Fraser

Number of residents: 4
Location: Greater Vancouver, the home base is New Westminster
Community: 2,000,000
Hospitals: Royal Columbian Hospital, Burnaby General, Mount St. Joseph’s, Richmond, BC Women’s Hospital, Eagle Ridge Hospital, Peach Arch Hospital Phone: 604-520-4253 ext. 525074
Contacts: Site Director – John Edworthy – / Coordinator:  Raquel Feswick – / Senior Program Assistant – Crystal Bloom-Crystal.Bloom@fraserhealth.caChief Residents: Anmol Lamba- and Lucy Chen-
Please see Vancouver Fraser tab for more program information

Vancouver Island – Strathcona

Number of residents: 2
Location: Campbell River, Courtney and Comox
Hospital: North Island Hospital, Comox Valley Hospital and Campbell River Hospital.
Contacts: Site Director – Dr. Peter Gee / Site Coordinator – Pam Blake
Chief Resident: Mike Weersink – 
Please see Vancouver Island- Strathcona tab for more program information


VictoriaNumber of residents: 6
Location: Victoria
Community: 360,000
Hospitals: Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria General Hospital
Contacts: Co-Site Director – Tina Webber – / Co-Site Director – Fiona Manning – /Coordinator: Stephanie Eamergoult –
Chief Residents: Meagan McKeen – & Megan Woolner–
Please see Victoria tab for more program information