Open House Overview | Interviews | Open House/Interview Schedule & Details

Overview – Open House

2020 Open House Dates:

  • Saturday, January 18 (Vancouver – Full Open House at UBC)
  • Saturday, January 25 (Vancouver – Full Open House at UBC)
  • Saturday, February 1 (Victoria – Open House for Victoria and Indigenous sites only)


What to expect?

The Open House is informal. The urban, regional and rural stream will each have an hour long presentation. Within the hour, the sites in that particular stream will give a brief highlight about their site. These presentations will be repeated in the afternoon.

In addition to the brief presentations, applicants will get the chance to visit the booths set up for each site in the atrium. Applicants will have many opportunities to meet with current residents and faculty from across the province during the day and to explore what each site has to offer.

Applicants should be prepared to spend 3 hours on top of your interview to attend all of the site presentations and chat with the residents.


Resident Social

Our residents have organized a social event at the end of the Open House:

Vancouver – TBD

Victoria – TBD




2020 Interview Dates

  • Saturday, January 18 (Vancouver)
  • Friday, January 24 (Vancouver)
  • Saturday, January 25 (Vancouver)
  • Saturday, February 1 (Victoria)

Interviews will be held on UBC campus in Vancouver with one exception (Feb 1).  CMG and IMG applicants can choose to attend interviews in any location. Interviews will be in-person only.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend one interview regardless of the number of sites they apply.

Interviews are mandatory and will be in-person. 

Some applicants may schedule an interview which does not fall on the Open House day. However, we strongly encouraged everyone to attend the Open House, even if your interview doesn’t fall on the same day. This gives you a comprehensive understanding of what each of our Residency Training Site has to offer, and it is the only opportunity for you to meet with residents and site directors.

CMG & IMG Interviews: Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) will be used to assess the suitability of applicants. The interview is approximately 45 minutes in length. It is semi-structured and conducted by family physicians, health care professionals, and residents. The interviewers will not have prior knowledge of the applicant’s file. This allows for unbiased assessment and scoring.