Becoming a medical resident in British Columbia means satisfying requirements from the Medical Council of Canada, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia, CaRMS and the University of British Columbia.

Graduates of International Medical Schools are welcome to apply to UBC Family Medicine residency training sites with an IMG stream if they meet a number of requirements. IMG candidates applying for a residency position in B.C. for CaRMS 2018 and beyond are required participate in UBC’s Clinical Assessment Program (CAP). Follow the path to residency outlined on UBC’s IMG Office website for more information.

Please note that applicants to the Family Medicine Residency Program are more likely to be considered for an interview if they are also able to demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Clinical competence, preferably within the Canadian healthcare context.
  • Strong clinical assessment (CAP) performance.
  • CV and personal letter indicate suitability for Family Medicine/Rural/Underserved Practice.
  • Strong references, including a Family Medicine reference which is mandatory.