Application & Requirements

As medical education varies widely internationally, prior to applying to residency in Canada, all IMGs must complete a series of standardized assessments to ensure they meet the minimum Canadian medical education standards and have the required skills to start residency training. IMGs seeking to be matched to a residency position in British Columbia are required to be accepted into  UBC’s Clinical Assessment Program (CAP). The CAP provides a transparent and equitable process designed to support UBC residency programs not only assess candidates’ past clinical experience, but evaluate their potential for success in residency training and suitability for working in communities across B.C.

In Canada, individuals interested in postgraduate training are then matched to universities through an electronic service called CaRMS (the Canadian Resident Matching Service). In order to apply to a residency position IMG’s must meet the CaRMS requirements and the British Columbia Provincial requirements. Candidates should familiarize themselves with the criteria that is evaluated during selection as listed on our CaRMS program descriptions.

Candidates that are selected into a residency position, cannot commence their training without a license issued by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC. Residents accepted into the program must meet the CPSBC requirements at the time that they apply for licensure (after match day).

FMProC: New requirement for 2023 (Second set of test dates now available) 

The University of British Columbia Family Medicine Program is very excited to be part of FM Residency Programs to use the Family Medicine Professional Choices Assessment (FMProC), which is a Family Medicine context-specific Situational Judgement Test.

First test seating applicants: Upload FMProC result letter to CaRMS for your application to be considered complete.
Second test seating applicants: Upload FMProC registration confirmation email to CaRMS for your application to be considered complete. 

The 13 Family Medicine Programs, using FMProC in the 1st round of this current CaRMS cycle have decided to provide a second set of dates to sit this test for those who did not register for the current test window.

The new test window will be open for registrants, who have not previously sat FMProC in this current CaRMS cycle, to take the test from 3PM ET on January 17th, 2023, to 3PM ET January 24th, 2023.

Registration to sit the test will be open from 3PM ET on December 16th, 2022, to 3PM ET on January 9th, 2023. This is a hard deadline and no late registration requests will be accommodated.

Please note test scores will be available around January 31st, 2023, and applicants will need to still upload these to CaRMS. Programs and CaRMS are all aware these test scores will be available after the CaRMS application package deadline. This will not be a problem.

To register and find out more about the test please go to All test related updates will be posted on the website. Please be patient as the FMProC team is still updating information on the site to reflect these new test dates.

(updated on December 22, 2022)