Application Process

I am a student who attended a francophone school. Do my documents have to be translated into English? Do I have to pass an English exam?

No, documents can be submitted in French. However, applicants from a French medical school must fulfill the English Language Proficiency requirement stipulated by College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC through one of the following:

    1. TOEFL iBT, with a total score of 96 with 24 in each of the four sections. TOEFL iBT score is valid for 2 years from the date taken; or,
    2. Academic IELTS with a minimum score of 7 in each component with an overall band score of no less than 7. IELTS scores will be considered valid for 2 years from the date taken.

How do I make sure that my partner and I are ranked on the same sites? Should we state our intent in our personal letter?

You need to apply to the same sites. You can state your intent in your personal letter or during the interviews. Make sure you follow all the instructions for the Couples Match on the CaRMS website.

How do I show my interest towards a specific site? Can I put that in my personal letter?

You can indicate this in your personal letter, and let the interviewers know at the time of your interview.  However, do not change your personal letter for the different sites that you apply to, with the exception of Indigenous Site and the Remote Rural Sites, which may have a slightly different selection criteria.

The CaRMS description states that I need to submit the same personal letter for every site. But I also read that I am able to submit a customized letter for the rural and Indigenous sites. Which information is correct?

We will allow applicants who are interested specifically in the Rural sites and the Indigenous site to submit customized letters for these sites only, as the reviewers may be looking for specific characteristics in these candidates. However you are asked to submit the same personal letter for all other sites.

How strict is the word limit of 750 words for the personal letter?

This is a rough guideline. The personal letter should be no more than 2 pages.

Will your Family Medicine program give preference to graduates of UBC?

We do not give preference students who are graduates of UBC when creating our rank lists. Every medical student will be scored in a standardized fashion.

Interviews and Ranking

Can I request a specific interview date?

You can schedule the interview online. This allows you to pick the date and time that is most suitable for you. As long as you register two weeks before the interview date, you will most likely get the date of your choice.

If I don’t come to the interview, do I still get ranked in the program?

If you have been offered an interview but declined, you will not be ranked.

Will my interviewer have reviewed my file before the interview?

The file review and interview process are entirely separate. Your interviewers have not seen your file before the interview. This allows applicants a fresh opportunity to introduce themselves to us.

Will there be a tour of the hospital during Open House? Can I arrange a site visit?

Site tours will not be conducted as our sites are dispersed in multiple locations across the province. Applicants are free to contact individual site office to arrange for a site tour.

If I changed my mind after attending the Open House, can I still add another UBC Family Medicine site to my application?

You can continue to add sites until the Monday after the last UBC Open House. For the 2018 match, the deadline is noon (PST) on Jan 29.

How do I add another UBC Family Medicine site to my application?

Applicants who want to add a site after submitting their application need to do it through CaRMS online. They will be required to pay the applicable fee for each additional program to which they apply.

Should I state in my personal letter which sites I would prefer to be ranked?

You can state your site preference in your personal letter. Keep in mind that the final decision remains yours as you are to submit a rank list according to your preference. Some sites, such as the Aboriginal Site and the Rural Sites, may look for specific characteristics in candidates.

Can I delay my residency training start date if I am matched to UBC?

Residency training starts on July 1. Residents with extenuating circumstances would need to contact the Postgraduate Deans’ Office and our Program Office to discuss a change in start date.

Rural and Remote Training

Loan Forgiveness Programs

Federal and provincial student loan forgiveness programs are available for medical residents in communities that are considered “underserved”. Please contact the government directly for more information about their loan forgiveness programs.  Federal | Provincial